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Exeter Dementia Action Alliance (EDAA)


The Exeter Alliance was established towards the end of 2014.

Gina Awad, a volunteer Dementia Friends Champion who began delivering information sessions across the community in April noticed a  need for joined up services. Ultimately this support will make it much more accessible for those with dementia and their carers.

Whilst in its infancy Gina is forming a steering group. With a variety of passionate and collaborative service providers, who will be working towards the vision of creating an inclusive community, that is dementia friendly. Those with dementia and their Care givers will be at the heart of the vision.

All alliance members are asked to sign a declaration commiting them to the aims of the National Dementia Action Alliance, and to develop an action plan for their organisation to achieve these aims. For local organisations this will be updated annually.


  • To reduce the stigma and misconceptions of dementia by raising local awareness
  • To offer regular dementia information sessions both privately for organisations as well as for the public. Additionally inspiring larger organisations to encourage an employee to attend the Dementia Friends Champion free training day to enable the initiative to be driven forward
  • To promote an inclusive community, offering empowerment to those with dementia and their carers. This will involve working jointly with the Carers Call to Action
  • To encourage youth engagement work with schools and link in with Care Homes providing essential intergenerational connections
  • To gain support from local services and businesses enabling small changes that will make big differences in the community


  • A  range of dynamic individuals will be involved with the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance. Each will agree to attend the quarterly meetings and follow up agreed actions in between meetings.
  • To consider and organise a launch for 2015
  • To create a leaflet to distribute and raise dementia awareness in the high street
  • to set up a website for the alliance
  • To obtain dementia friendly community status
  • To encourage all to complete the Action Plans for the website
  • To survey the shops to identify which would be keen to receive an awareness raising session for their staff
  • To consult with the shops and businesses about what the issues can be for their staff
  • To offer free awareness raising sessions for businesses
  • To consult with local people and their carers to identify barriers that exist and improvements that could be made
  • To connect with the local media and promote the ongoing work
  • The list goes on but this is a start for the coming year…

All the Staff at the Surgery are Dementia Friends undertaken through the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance.  Please see their link below for further information.