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We run a range of clinics and services for patients. For an appointment or further details please contact the Surgery on 01392 874646.

Annual Health Check Clinic

This clinic is run by the Practice Nursing Team. Patients with a chronic disease (Asthma, CHD, COPD, Diabetes, Epilepsy or Stroke) are invited in according to their birth month, An ... [continue] Annual Health Check Clinic

Ante-Natal Clinic

These clinics are run by our Community Midwives and appointments can be made at Reception.

Breast Screening

This screening service is offered to women every three years from the age of 49-64 and you will be invited to attend by letter.

Cervical Screening

It is very important for all women between 25-64 to have a cervical smear test. The current interval time between smears is 3-5 years. There are many early stages of ... [continue] Cervical Screening

Childhood Immunisations

The Practice will send an invitation to you for you to make an appointment for your child’s vaccinations when they are due. The Practice Nurse will perform the vaccinations and ... [continue] Childhood Immunisations

Continence Clinic

The Practice has an attached Continence Adviser and access to this clinic is by GP referral.

Family Planning

The Practice Nurses offer this service – appointments made at Reception. If you require an IUCD for contraception this is fitted by a Doctor. Please make two appointments – the ... [continue] Family Planning

Holiday Travel Vaccinations

The Practice Nurse can give you up to date information and vaccinations as required. Please make appointments in plenty of time before you travel as some vaccine regimes are complex. ... [continue] Holiday Travel Vaccinations

Influenza Vaccinations

These are given annually during the Autumn for those patients at risk.

Minor Surgery

All the GPs perform extended minor surgery services, removal of lumps and bumps etc. Please make an appointment with the GP prior to a minor surgery appointment for a clinical ... [continue] Minor Surgery

Smoking Cessation Advice

Not smoking is the best way to help yourself to a healthier lifestyle. If you do smoke and would like help in giving up our Nurses and Healthcare Assistant are ... [continue] Smoking Cessation Advice

Spirometry Clinic

This clinic is to assess lung function in patients with a chronic chest infection.

Wound Management

This is held weekly at Topsham and appointments are by assessment through the Nursing Team.